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Emily Parsell Nutrition is customized, plant-based weight loss coaching helping you to change your mindset, build lasting habits, and live your best, healthiest life! Emily has been practicing as a registered dietitian for nearly 10 years and her

non-restrictive approach to eating is simple, straight-forward and effective. She's helped thousands of individuals lose weight and  learn how to live and become healthier with her

science-based method and positive coaching attitude. 


"I reached a point where I did not want to mentally struggle or have guilt over food every day of my life. This program and working with Emily is sustainable, educational and allowed me to eat what I wanted without cutting out entire food groups or desserts for the rest of my life. I needed something personal and support to hold me accountable and help along the way."

- Former weight loss client

Cups of Coffee

"I tried everything from extreme calorie restriction, obsessively working out, keto, whole 30, supplements, pills, etc. Nothing ever worked or stuck long term.



I've lost 15lbs, but more importantly my body feels better than it ever has on or off any weight loss program. I've lost inches all over and have seen muscle gain. The constant bloating feeling I would frequently have rarely occurs now. I even have more energy and get better sleep at night!!!"

- Heather, Former Weight Loss Client

The PlantFIT Academy

The PlantFIT Academy is a 12 week weight loss program focused on helping you learn how to lose weight in a non-restrictive way, eat for health, change your mindset and create habits for long-term weight loss success! 

Heart Shaped Waffles

Simple and Effective

The PlantFIT Academy is simple and straight forward. You'll learn how to create easy habits that fit your life and set you up for sustainable weight loss! No more yo-yo dieting. 

Homemade Pizza

Customized Support

Your weight loss plan and coaching is unique to you and your health goals!  You'll also have weekly check-ins and daily touch-points, accountability and support to help you achieve lasting success. 

Tropical Fruits

Resources to Support

Mindset modules, monthly recipes for inspiration, handouts, and menu plans are just a few of the additional tools you receive to live your best, healthiest and fittest life!

Whether you're wanting to lose weight for the first time,  you've been struggling with cravings, overeating, or confusion around how to lose weight and keep it off, this program is for you! You'll learn how to use a balanced approach to eating combined with mindfulness techniques to help shape how you think and feel around food! You'll also learn how to use other methods outside of the scale to measure your success and ultimately help you live your best life!

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Chopping Coriander

Belinda, TX

“Since I started my journey with Emily I eat so much more balanced throughout the day and don't binge eat at night!"

Jayne, MI

"I lowered my blood pressure and went off my pain medication!"

Amanda, PA

“This changed the whole journey for me. I now know I can eat what I want and still lose weight. The restrictive mindset is gone!”
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